Our Mission

Danceability is an individualized dance, fitness and movement program serving the special needs community.

Our studio is led by qualified staff and dedicated volunteers who create a nurturing environment that empowers our students to flourish and grow while promoting a healthy lifestyle… and we have a little fun along the way.

  • Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Creative Movement, etc.
  • Classes available Monday – Thursday,
    afternoon and evening classes.
  • End of the year performance (optional for every student)

While our expertise is in working with the special needs community, we welcome all ages and abilities who wish to have dance instruction.

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Volunteers Wanted!

We are now looking for Summer & Fall volunteers.

Contact Us: 716-651-0094 or info@danceabilityinc.com

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Volunteers Wanted!
2019 Annual Performance

“Our daughter, Sabrina has been dancing with danceability, Inc. since its inception. She has gained confidence, better balance and coordination and a true love of dance. With the expertise of the staff, generosity of the volunteers’ time and warm friendships of the dancers and their families, we have found the best dance class for our special girl. Seeing her perform in the recital at the end of the year is priceless.”

Bob & Patrice Schuster

“We joined danceability one year ago and are so glad we did. The people are wonderful and so caring. Our daughter, Emily is 5 years old and is significantly delayed. She loves music and vibration and loves her dance class and new friends. We look forward to many more years to come. We just loved the recital and watch it quite a bit. I tell everyone about danceability so everyone can benefit.”

Brinkman Family

“I truly do not know where to begin with my praise for danceability. Through their instruction, encouragement, and hearts, my son, Matthew, has grown not only as a dancer, but as an individual. Matthew has been with danceability since the beginning, and we consider their program to be an integral part of his development. He has grown socially by being in a class of his peers where he has had to learn key developmental skills such as: turn-taking, sharing, patience, and being a good friend. Under the instruction of Robin and Colleen and their phenomenal volunteers, Matthew has been encouraged to show off his talents and to reach toward a goal. They allow his personality to shine through while challenging him to try new things out of his comfort zone. My husband and I were so proud, and, as always, so grateful.”

Kristin Mansour

Danceability has been a tremendous opportunity for our daughter, Sarah, and our whole family. Sarah has Down syndrome and is 20 years old but very small for her age. She loves to dance but due to her restricted physical and cognitive capabilities, it was difficult for her to keep up with individuals her own age. Danceability provides the means for Sarah to dance with other peers and enjoy the freedom and pure joy of expressing herself to music. In addition, the exercise is very important to her physical development; her doctor says she has some of the best muscle tone he has seen in an individual with Down syndrome. Plus the enjoyment she receives by dancing with others including typical young ladies who are the skilled “guides” and teachers for the dancers is invaluable. The staff led by very capable co-directors are so skilled and capable! It is so evident that Robin and Christine provide this program not for their own glorification but for the good that comes with helping others. One just needs to come to or view the video of the annual recital to see the abundance of pride and happiness each dancer and his/her family exhibits. Sarah has been to enough baseball and soccer games for her brothers; it’s fantastic that they can be on the side lines rooting for her! danceability is a tremendous gift to families with individuals with disabilities.”

Jim & Nancy Bojanowski

“Our experience with danceability began when we first met Robin and Christine during our search for a dance program for our daughter, Elena. We were not happy with the program she was with at the time and we decided to search for a new dance program. Meeting Robin and Christine was a joy. They immediately put us at ease as to the program and Elena was sold when she met Christine.

At first we were nervous as to how Elena would adapt to a new class and whether she would make new friends. Christine assured us that danceablity is a different program with emphasis on the dancers. Elena loved her class as Christine and the volunteers guided them through all types of dance. Elena could not wait to attend class. Signing up for the following year was never discussed. Elena told us before the current year ended she was returning in the Fall.

We are very happy with danceability because we feel welcome there. The instructors listen to the parents regarding their children. More importantly they think of the dancers as people rather than performers when choosing the steps and the costumes. Special thought and concern is used when picking out costumes with regards to cost and the dancer’s comfort level. I really feel that Christine listened to us regarding our daughter. I also volunteered to work at the recital and was welcomed with open arms and did not feel as though I was interfering with a tight knit circle. With all of that said we could not agree more when Elena, “I want to keep dancing there when I am an adult.” That speaks volumes since she is only fourteen.”

Sandy Carroccia

“I just have to tell you how great I think danceablity is. My daughter, Monica, still keeps watching her recital DVD every day. What really gets me is that she is just as excited each and every time she watches and relives it and I keep getting drawn to it as well. And it keeps giving me “goose bumps” every time. It was just the most exceptional recital I have ever been to. The level of joy and accomplishment of the dancers was amazing.

That’s one of the things that my daughter just loves about dancing; she actually got to do tap dancing, just like her younger sister, who is able to attend any average dance studio. It’s not just the idea of having a dance studio for special needs individuals, it’s having Robin, Christine and Amanda and all of the wonderful volunteers. I have had her involved in enough things to realize that it is the people who run the programs and work with the children who make the difference. If the students can’t relate to the teachers, counselors etc….then it just doesn’t work.

At only 13 years old, my daughter was aging and maturing out of many programs and when her little sister started dancing, she wanted to as well. I am so grateful that danceablity exists. It has given her a new outlet to have fun with friends and do something that she can be proud of.

She had danced several years ago before danceability existed, but was not as excited as she has been with your company. I think the people who run it: having a volunteer for each student as well as letting the students do tap, ballet, jazz, hip hop (all things I noticed at the recital) has made all the difference in the world for her to have such a positive experience.

Thank you so much for having the courage and foresight to create danceability.”

Donna Aleksa

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