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2020-2021 Online Registration Information

Although we know things may seem different this season, we are SO happy that you are coming back to dance with us in September.

  1. Read our safety plan so that you understand all the steps we have taken to make sure everyone feels as safe as possible.
  2. Since we are unable to hold an Open House to register new and returning dancers, please complete our registration form with all the required fields. You will have the chance to select In-Person Classes or Virtual Zoom Classes.
  3. At the end, NEW students will be directed to a click on a link where they can schedule a new dance Zoom placement where we can meet the new dancers. Returning dancers, we know what you can do, we’ll be in touch.
  4. Everyone will have the chance set up electronic payments at the end as well because we are doing our best to do contactless payments. Please contact us if there is an issue paying this way.
  5. Your completed form will be reviewed and either the Executive Director or a member of the staff will call you to discuss your dancer’s placements within a week’s time.

**Please understand that while we have always tried our very best to accommodate our dancers, this year we ask for your utmost flexibility with class days and times so that we can offer as many dancers as possible the best and safest classes.

For registration assistance, please give us a call at: 716-651-0094

Dancer Registration Form

A Registration Fee of $40.00 payable to danceability is required upon the completion of this form.